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We are proud to present "Unhappy Meal", a game where you control the day to day operation of a meat factory. It is your responsibility to ensure the smooth and efficient production of people's favorite meals.

The manner in which you should perform your work is as follows: 

  • Move the boxes into the desired position using the Left and Right Arrow Keys
  • Rotate the boxes for a better fit, using the Up Arrow (CAUTION: Our engineers inform us that rotating the boxes too fast might "damage the merchandise"!)
  • Drop the boxes into the desired space using the Down Arrow
  • If at any point the space becomes too crowded, make liberal use of the CONSOLIDATE ASSETS button.
  • Finally, to push a row in the "processor", please press the PUSH Button on the screen.

When you are done tortur... I mean processing the animals, we suggest quitting the game using the QUIT Button to get some context on your actions.

Thank you for playing!

- Big Stakes Games

Install instructions

The executable file can be found after extracting the zip file, within the folder "Meat Tetris Build"


Unhappy Meal 98 MB

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